FTC Presents: "Imagination, Invention, and Confrontation"

By Front Row Theatre Co. (other events)

3 Dates Through Aug 28, 2021

Directors: Devi Bass, Juliet Dempsey, Mars Berger

Producer: Will Brooks

"The only way art lives is through the experience of the observer. The reality of art begins with the eyes of the beholder, through imagination, invention and confrontation." -Keith Haring

"Imagination, Invention, and Confrontation" is a concert-style showcase of song, monologue, dance, visual projection, etc. An exhibition of the visual and performing arts account of the AIDS epidemic and the people it touched. We will be sourcing a spectrum of pieces about HIV/AIDS, the crisis, and the voices who shared their stories. Queer artists are our focus.

Mailing Address

William Brooks HARS-0801 3820 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA, 19104