FTC Presents: The Nether

By Front Row Theatre Co. (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 16, 2019

Directed by Sean Begane
Produced by Hannah Paquet
Assistant Produced by Natalie Kahn

When a young detective investigates an insidious virtual reality realm where pedophiles may live out their fantasies involving children, she brings its creator in for interrogation. As the questioning rages on, they discover their emotions surrounding this realm may be blinding them to the greater questions of ethical behavior, both in the imagination and the outside world.

Please note: The Nether contains discussion of violence against children, including sexual violence, and suicide. None of these actions are depicted onstage. This play is appropriate for mature audiences only. 

Mailing Address

William Brooks HARS-0801 3820 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA, 19104